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Right to Rent Landlords' Code of Practice


It is funny, they call it a 'Code of Practice'  but it is actually a newly published draft of the list of things a landlord must do to avoid a civil penalty and a list of exemptions that let everyone else off the hook. 

What The Government Email Says..

Published Draft Right to Rent Landlords' Code of Practice

Home Office has published a draft code of practice on right to rent, which sets out the prescribed checks that landlords should conduct to avoid a civil penalty in the event of renting unlawfully.

This code has been laid in draft and will come into force on 22nd January 2024 or, if later, the twenty-first day after the day on which it is made. The main change is to provide the new penalty levels within the new maximum for civil penalties for landlords and their agents.

The draft code of practice for landlords can be found on GOV.UK at the link provided below:

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