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PDPLA Launches Commons Petition for Specialist Housing Court


The Renters reform bill is now nearing the end of its second reading and will then go to the House of Lords for detailed revision, where there is still time to seek an amendment for a specialist housing court. To find out why this is a good idea follow Alwin's articles on his "substack" (posh blog) account below, but as a spoiler we are asking you to sign a petition, share and write to your MP.

The Nitty Gritty

Alwin is on the campaign trail and has set up a parliamentary petition, website, Facebook group and a series of articles in support of a specialist housing court.

Members are urged to sign and share the petition here;

Please sign and if possible share with friends, colleagues and tenants- who also could benefit from a specialist housing court.

To keep up to date the Facebook group is here

The website is here

Find out about how to write to your MP with links and a crib sheet.

And the articles are here

Alwin himself has been pushing the campaign at the NRLA independent advisory board, the launch of the housing coalition and at a meeting with MPs in the Commons last week.  Do support however you can - it will make a difference.

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