The Evictions Ban and Reducing Homelessness

If you are wondering what the NRLA are doing to encourage the Government to treat landlords fairly as tenants hit hard times as a result of Covid 19 see We are meeting with the NRLA and other regional associations on Tuesday to discuss what more we can do

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Green Grant - An Opportunity Missed

The latest government green housing initiative starts this month – whilst other landlord groups have hailed it positively, we see it as an opportunity missed and confirmation that central government really do not understand landlords or our business.  

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How To Get A Really Nice House Really Cheap

We saw this on Facebook and had to share, it is a brilliant tip on how to get an expensive (say a quarter of a million pound) property for possibly just £1,400. 

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Southern Water Customers Due A Rebate

Members will have seen the news last year of Southern Water being found in breach of its obligations and ordered to pay fines plus a rebate of £123M to its customers. Since April, existing customers have seen some of that rebate showing on their bill, but if you have sold a property in the area since 2015 you will need to claim a rebate to get your share.

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Has Your Tenant Roster Grown Unexpectedly?

A family let with a new born baby is normally cause for celebration - it is a poor landlord who does not send chocolates/flowers for the new mum, a cuddly toy for the little ones and perhaps some rubber gloves or something equally suitable for dad.  But what do you do if it is an HMO and it was already full before 'new mum-to-be' was unexpectedly invited in..... 

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New Insurance Checks On Flat Roof Surfaces

Members need to be cognisant of the fact that most landlord insurance policies now include a clause which basically excludes damage caused by faulty flat roof surfaces unless it can be confirmed that the fault was not due to normal 'wear and tear'. 

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The Trouble With HMOs

Apart from the fact that they are universally despised, the trouble with HMO's is that there are all sorts of HMOs yet everyone assumes they are all the worst sort of HMO. There are a range of different overlapping definitions before you even consider the important point, which is who lives there.

As landlords, we frequently suffer as properties are lumped together under the heading and we are treated as if we are running a tenement block of slum bedsits when usually, this is far from the truth.

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RIP Julian Clokie 24/12/1943 - 27/7/2020

It is with great sadness we record the passing of Julian Clokie, former chairman, long time director and committee member of the PDPLA.  

Julian has been a fixture at PDPLA meetings for over 20 years, championing the plight of those most in need, arguing for better treatment of those on benefits and the most vulnerable and bringing his own, articulate and sometimes slightly eccentric, style to every debate. Hayling Island in particular will be worse off for the loss of a champion and carer for those at the very bottom of the tenancy ladder – for Julian, a tenant who wanted to burn down his home or jump off it was just a normal daily occurrence and he took great pride in helping them through whatever their particular crisis was and helping them toward a more normal existence.

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Council Tax Update - Student Halls Do Pay!

More than 2 years after originally asking this question, we finally have confirmation that student halls do pay council tax in the same way as other category 'N' shared housing (student HMO's).

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B&Q Trade Point August Offers

In addition to the normal 5-10% discount received by members, there are a range of additional offers this month including a further 10% off of kitchens - so a compelling offer for anyone in the market for a kitchen.

Full details below and do remember to use your PDPLA Trade Point card when you shop, as we get a very small commission when you do so.  (And if you don't have one or have lost yours, do let us know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  

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Post Lockdown Property Boom

 It looks like the post lock down property surge some had hoped for arrived even before the chancellor cut stamp duty, with a buoyant Portsmouth property market seeming to have taken off last month. PCC managed to sell a whole range of properties at much higher than expected prices but on the downside, a number of landlords are struggling to prove that their HMO has been an HMO since 2011 and others are worrying that their C3/C4 status ends next year.

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Portsmouth Moves To House The Homeless

At the July Cabinet meeting, Portsmouth City Council approved a range of measures to move the near 200 formerly homeless and rough sleepers from temporary hotel accommodation into 'medium term' solutions including moving a significant proportion into the private rented sector.

The PDPLA supported the moves with some reservations, read on for full details. 

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MHCLG Guidance On Coronavirus - Rented Properties

The government department responsible for Housing (MHCLG) have published a comprehensive document covering all aspects of renting for both tenants and landlords explaining what both can and should to to minimise the risk of Coronavirus. 

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PDPLA Recommended Suppliers just got better

What is the one thing you get from the PDPLA that you CANNOT get anywhere else?

We hope there are several answers to that one – but one answer that some may have overlooked is our ability to share information about which suppliers and tradespeople can be relied upon to do a good job for local landlords.

Yes, there are various ratings sites but can you rely on them? With questions@ and our Recommended Suppliers list you get current information from fellow landlords without the influence of the traders concerned – you don't get that anywhere else – and the good news, is it just got better. 

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Havant Helps House Homeless

Havant Borough Council aims to eradicate homelessness in the borough by agreeing to support the refurbishment of Brent House, Middle Park Way, Leigh Park.

A grant awarded to local housing association Two Saints will enable the currently unoccupied building, which has been used as temporary accommodation for more than 20 years, to be renovated.

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