Digital Home to add 14,000 homes

The rollout of coverage of ultrafast internet by Digital Home is accelerating with fourteen thousand homes to be added in the next couple of months as the rollout in the north of Portsmouth gains pace.

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Net Zero Carbon Toolkit

A useful document for other local authorities, businesses and interested parties to use as a base for education, planning and understanding of how to get houses (both new and existing) to 'Net Zero' has been jointly produced by West Oxfordshire District Council, Cotswold District Council and the Forest of Dean Council.

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Decent Homes But More Regulation?

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) For Healthy Homes and Buildings met this month, primarily to discuss updating the Decent Homes standard for the Social Rented Sector but one of the outcomes could be greater regulation of the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

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London Heat Pump Retrofit Guidance

Commissioned by the Greater London Authority and written by the Carbon Trust, this report is not surprisingly very supportive of heat pumps but what it does do better than most previous attempts is to identify what government (both local and national) needs to do and also, how building owners - whether landlords like us, social housing providers or local authorities need to do to get heat pumps in place, how they should go about it and what the benefits of doing so will be. 

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Energy Efficiency & Historic Buildings

The question of how to bring historic buildings up to modern energy efficiency standards is a tough one - especially in conservation areas (of which Portsmouth has 30+) where heat pumps hanging on the side of buildings is probably not a desirable outcome but where something has to be done.

Local councils, all of ours included, have been turning a blind eye to this issue - presumably in the hope that someone else will solve this particular problem. When we saw a document called 'Energy Efficiency & Historic Buildings' produced by Historic England we were overjoyed that someone had finally faced up to the issue.

Sadly, this document is not that - we enclose it below, it is a good explanation of what heat pumps are and how they are used and many of the amusing illustrations are superb, but it is the document they should have produced 10 years ago - not the one we need now as people look to move away from gas boilers and need real and specific guidance.

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Rogue Tenants Plague Local Rental Market

Fortunately, rogue tenants are uncommon but, like bad landlords, it only takes one to affect everyone's perception. This month we have seen 2 – one was jailed for the damage he caused and the other, just left the landlord with a huge mess to clear up and moved on to blight the life of another landlord and their new neighbours.
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Heat Pump Or Hydrogen? A decision at last….

The good news is that the government has finally published its 'Heat and Buildings Strategy' and answered the big question about whether we will use heat pumps or hydrogen. The bad news is that it will cost us all a lot of money (but we always knew that it would)  

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Rent Reforms Delayed

Apart from not getting clobbered again in the budget (well, not so obviously as usual of late), more good news in that the renters reform bill and the removal of Section 21 has been delayed again. 

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Join The BIG Climate Conversation

Get your tickets for one of the sessions at this 2 day event at Portsmouth Guildhall on Tuesday & Wednesday, 9th and 10th November, 

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Restorative Road for Landlords & Tenants

Our friends at Portsmouth Mediation Service have a new 'restorative' service for landlords and tenants caught up in disputes. Read on for more detail. 

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Tenant Guide to Getting by During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you rent a single-family home, flat, room or any other type of rental, you may be looking for some guidance that will help you to cope physically, mentally, and financially during the coronavirus lockdown. Whether you've lost your job and you're in need of financial assistance or you're looking for ways to stay happy, healthy, and productive, we've assembled the following resources to assist you throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.  

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Portsmouth City Council PRS Update

PCC periodically produce an email newsletter for local landlords. This goes direct to the few landlords registered with their 'Rent It Right' scheme but if you want to receive it directly  then drop an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asking to be added to the distribution.

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Switched On Portsmouth News

See this months newsletter from the Switched On Portsmouth team at PCC 

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Digital Home Goes West

Remember as a landlord, you can offer 900Mb broadband with industry leading whole home WiFi in your properties at discounted prices using our solution agreed with Digital Home. This month lots of new roads in the Somerstown area and the 'ladders'

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Various 'Green' News Items of Interest

Why are we 2nd worst in Europe for heat pump installations?  Why does the government continue to fund gas boilers? What are Bristol doing that perhaps we should? What should Local Authorities be doing? And why doesn't the Government understand.

We definitely don't have all the answers, but we have some great articles that discuss some of the issues.

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