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Notes from distant places

Moon By Achituv - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The world of property has consumed my last month. A business trip to the French Alps, working on the new Plymouth project and fresh determination to systemise and outsource parts of my business.

March started in the doldrums, routine gas and PAT testing (out of the way before the Summer season), inventory checking and topping-up and Spring cleaning occupied the start of the month. Panic set in as I realised the lack of my own holiday arrangements. Taking a break May-Sept is really not possible as the holiday lets accelerate to full speed so I hastily booked some time off in the next few weeks.

All in the name of work I set off on my essential business trip to a ski resort, courtesy of a SSAS pension group that I belong to. 24 of us determined to further our connections, improve our businesses and create greater wealth. To be fair, we were all so in need of a holiday that the business part of the trip didn't find its feet until halfway through. I hastily cobbled together a few goals and set about finding the right people to help me achieve them. I came across a couple of contacts successfully outsourcing their routine tasks to virtual assistants. I am now equipped to put processes in place to do similar. On my return this was met with the usual rolling of eyes from my family 'what is she up to now!'

Most of the group operate using a system called 'wealth dynamics', a psychometric testing system that supposedly helps you to assemble your team effectively. Ever sceptical I am pushed into testing myself and discover that I am adept at connecting people but not so good at attention to detail or closing deals. I didn't need a test to tell me that!, further advice was to assemble my team from other areas so seek out colleagues that were good at attention to detail, or closing deals, for example.

Back from skiing, a quick couple of shifts in the office and then straight into the car to Plymouth. Those who know me would have heard me proudly proclaim that my business is strictly 'South of Fratton Bridge', so this is a major departure. Setting up a holiday accommodation remotely is a new experience for me but the same rules apply. Different town, same shops. With Sylvia and Kevin (joint venture partners) we fearlessly snag the builders' work, create lengthy inventories, unload furniture hoping that it fits and plan a mammoth trip to local stores for remaining requirements. A holiday let requires a couple of hundred items and this one, lovingly adapted for wheelchair users, has a great box of additional items to aid our disabled guests in every imaginable way. Sylvia's experience as an expert in such things has shone through and we know it is a winning property. We tackle the weeding, paint the garden wall and hope that the rain holds off long enough for the accessible concrete drive to be laid. 2 weeks to opening day, I am sure that it will be ready. Magda is busy in the office checking the on-line listings and working out how to showcase the many special features of this place, profiling bed, hoist, ramped and widened doors and a cool accessible patio area (almost ready). We are very excited to be involved in providing an amazing space like this one. 

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