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Ensuring We Are Heard (December)

Ensuring We Are Heard (December)

As landlords we struggle to get a fair hearing, it is easy for the press, media, councillors and politicians to 'win points' by going after 'nasty landlords'  when the reality is that a higher percentage of private sector tenants are happy with their homes than social sector tenants, we house more than 1 in 4 of the local population and we do it without subsidy or support while contributing strongly to the local economy.  This occasional newsletter item asks members to do their bit to change attitudes and help start changing perceptions.

This month we have a campaign on Universal Credit below plus the item on B&Q and Shelter, elsewhere in the news. Please do your bit to support both as appropriate.

text from the petition:

"The disaster of Universal Credit isn"t going away. Right now the government is forcing families into food banks and onto the streets with a system that is meant to help those struggling to get by. It"s so broken, even the UN have stepped in to condemn it.

Right now the new minister in charge of Universal Credit, Amber Rudd, will be deciding what to do about it. She could choose to carry on with Universal Credit as it is, while more people suffer. Or she could listen to the experts - and us, the public - and fix the system once and for all.

Amber Rudd has already admitted Universal Credit isn"t perfect. But when people are suffering every day, we"re going to need more than kind words. If the first thing that lands on Amber Rudd"s desk is a petition, signed by hundreds of thousands of us, she"ll know the public are watching. She"ll know we expect her to act now.

Will you sign the petition today calling on Amber Rudd to urgently fix Universal Credit?"



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