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Digital Home / Zybre Now In Havant


Our 'preferred partner' for broadband, Digital Home (now part of and renamed to Zybre) are now providing broadband in Havant. 

Why Zybre? 

Digital Home were selected in 2021 as our preferred fibre broadband providers as they offered discounted rates to members (£38/month over a 2 year contract for a 900Mbps service with guaranteed Wi-Fi coverage across the whole property).

Since that time, other providers have entered the market also offering service over the City Fibre infrastructure, some at lower initial prices,  we asked local Sales Director Sam Richmond why we should stay with Zybre and he responded, "A considerable number of members benefit from one, if not two free WiFi extenders worth £8.50 per month each. In addition most have been installed and tested personally by us. Other providers do not offer this service at all."

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