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Looking for a property to rent?

  • Please note that we are not a letting agent, however, by completing and submitting the ‘Rental Enquiry Form’ below, we will connect you to all of our landlords. If they have a property that is suitable for you, they will contact you. We will not share your information with anyone other than our members, and by submitting the form, you agree to this.
  • All of our member landlords have to abide by our 'Code of Practice'. This means they should meet all necessary legal obligations, and their properties should be well maintained.
  • By using our member landlords you may have the advantage of no administration fees, finders fees or other charges often levied by letting agents.
  • The PDPLA reserves the right to not distribute a submitted form, especially if we believe that there is something wrong with how the form has been completed.
  • Any subsequent legal letting relationship that arises from you submitting this form is between you and the landlord, and the PDPLA cannot be held liable for any issues that arise.

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Please explain where you would like to live, or put 'any' if you don't mind. This will help to prevent landlords contacting you unnecessarily.

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Please use this area to give us any more information that you think might be relevant. The more information you can supply the easier it may be for us to help you to find a suitable property.