Wednesday, 19 September 2018 14:58

MP’s Discuss The Future Of Private Renting

MP’s Discuss The Future Of Private Renting
The PDPLA was invited to a private reception at the House of Commons, hosted by Sir Christopher Chope MP to mark the 20th anniversary of the RLA. The event heard from Housing Minister, James Brokenshire, MP and also Shadow Housing Minister, John Healey MP and…
Tenant Info/Guidance on Domestic Waste/Rubbish in Portsmouth
Following on from our article highlighting the fact that a landlord or a tenant could be fined up to £5,000 for leaving bin bags in the street on the wrong day or rubbish in a forecourt, it is imperative that you instruct ALL of your…
Joint or individual contracts for tenants in HMO's
A member asked what the pro's and con's of joint contracts were compared to individual contracts when you have multiple tenants in one property, this is what we came up with....
How Can Local Authorities Find Landlords To House Their Tenants?
Our friends at Havant Borough Council struggle to find homes for some of their more difficult residents, whether due to their history or just their current circumstances and the shortage of accommodation available. They approached us to help them understand what they could do to…
HMO Licensing Ends This Month - Is It Good News Or Bad News?
Additional Licensing of HMO’s in Southsea comes to an end this month. Its original objective was to improve the standard of houses offered, to encourage better management of those houses and to reduce issues within the local community. Has it done that? We need to…
Tuesday, 10 July 2018 10:14

Big Fines For Leaving Bin Bags In Street

Big Fines For Leaving Bin Bags In Street
At the July Cabinet meeting for Housing, Portsmouth City Council signed off the new regulations mentioned in last months ‘Ensuring we are heard’ column, allowing PCC to fine landlords OR TENANTS up to £5,000 if they leave rubbish in forecourts or on the street.
Saturday, 30 June 2018 20:24

Can landlords help the homeless?

Can landlords help the homeless?
The PDPLA was invited to visit Hope House last month, the homeless hostel operated by the Salvation Army after their presentation to us at our April members meeting. Tony Athill and Alwin Oliver were the only members to attend which was sad but no surprise,…
Universal Credit Issues Raised At PDPLA Meeting
At our June members meeting Gary Jenkins from the Department for Work and Pensions and Mark Sage, the Tackling Poverty Officer at Portsmouth City Council updated attendees on the current status and plans for Universal Credit and gave guidance on how best to handle the…
Thinking of switching from students to family lets?
From the days of rent controls in the 80's through to the financial crash, we saw wave after wave of government incentives to get people investing in property. This had the dual benefit that it provided housing to replace that which was being lost from…
Friday, 29 June 2018 18:16

Planning Update

Planning Update
Instead of our normal summary of planning applications, once again this month we are sharing the news item created by the Portsmouth Society for their members.  Whilst it is not as focussed on the PRS as our normal summary, we hope you find this version…

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