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New Energy & Water Strategy for Portsmouth Homes

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New Energy & Water Strategy for Portsmouth Homes

Portsmouth is consulting on a draft strategy - 'Energy and water at home - a strategy for efficiency and affordability for every household in Portsmouth'.  It looks at how the council can work with others to make homes more energy and water efficient and ensure residents can afford their bills - as we own 1 in 4 of the houses in the city, we will be most affected, so do make time to think about how you will make your properties more energy and water efficient and what help you need, then complete the questionnaire - because if you say nothing, you have no reason to complain if in 2 or 3 years time you are faced with significant bills to bring a property up to a new standard or have to replace or upgrade something you only just invested in.

The strategy is pervasive - obvious things like insulation and reduced water usage but also more futuristic options to get us to near zero carbon status, such as time of day energy tariffs and micro-anaerobic digesters - so do read the summary or attend a meeting if nothing else.

Full intro text from PCC here:

"Portsmouth City Council is consulting on a draft strategy 'Energy and water at home', which aims to improve the efficiency and affordability of gas, electricity and water in homes in Portsmouth.  The council welcomes responses to its consultation - you can read the strategy and complete the online survey here

And if you have vulnerable tenants and would like to find out what help is available to make their home warmer and reduce their energy costs, the council's Energy Services team are putting on a stakeholder event on Thursday 30th January.  Find out more and book your free place here."

You will hear more on this at our January members meeting, so do make the time and come along.

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