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What A Load Of Rubbish

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What A Load Of Rubbish

As we move into June, those of us with student tenants know that in the coming days and weeks, exams will finish, leaving drinks will be imbibed and then in the 4-5 hours before moving out, our tenants will attempt to clean the house and to clear their stuff out. Historically this has led to piles of bin bags for the dustmen to collect, often several days before they are due and much complaint to local councillors on the matter from local residents. (OK, most tenants are better than this - but it only takes a few...)

 This year is going to be harder – firstly, we have new black bins, once they are full, that is it, nothing else will be collected. Secondly, local councillors are really keen to avoid the problem rather than hear about it on the doorsteps as they talk to their constituents.  So, what can you do?

 Firstly, Assuming you followed our advice last July and asked all of your student tenants to sign a document acknowledging their responsibility for waste (see it here), do remind them and also, make it clear that bins cannot be overfilled else they will not be collected and they thus need to plan ahead of their departure.

 Secondly, We have struggled in the past convincing tenants that they are responsible for their waste and leaving it for us to deal with is not an option. Whilst the message is not as strong as we would like, the PCC website now states, “When leaving a property, you will need to make plans to dispose of your waste. You will need to follow our rubbish and recycling guidelines.”  (Find out more here) – so do feel free to share this information with your tenants as well.

 Finally, if in spite of all of your best efforts, departure day arrives and you are confronted with piles of waste, nicely bagged or otherwise – yes you may have redress to recover the cost of clearance through the deposit scheme, but while you do that, don’t leave it on the street on the wrong day and don’t leave more than will be taken (1 bin or 3 bags).  Cheaper than a licensed waste operative, you can buy 12 stickers for £24 from PCC – stick one on a black bin bag and the dustman will collect it, job done and for that price, probably a better use of your time and money than trying to argue something through the relevant deposit scheme and/or organise collection yourself.


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