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UoP Student Housing Go Above & Beyond


Sadly, one of our members recently experienced something we all hope will never happen to us. A student tenant with a neurological disorder in a shared house experienced a suspected fatal episode during the night and was found the next morning by a housemate. 

Our landlord member contacted PDPLA for advice. The positive news from this terrible situation is that, in the words of our member, the University Student Housing team were amazing, so this is just a short plaudit to them in a terrible situation. 

The Sad Story

Apart from the tragedy of finding a housemate dead, the room could not be touched until the cause of death was confirmed in case there were any suspicious circumstances. There weren't any, but the difficult situation was made even worse because of this.

Against this backdrop, UoP Student Housing had counsellors in place on the same day and did everything they could to reduce or remove any difficulties for all concerned, not just with the fellow students but also with the family and the landlord too. They ensured the family were not bothered with details about the University or the tenancy whilst also working with the remaining tenants to ensure that they could come to terms with the loss of their friend.

You would assume the landlord would lose money in this situation and in the grand scheme of things, that was not important – but Student Housing are already working with him to find ways to help the group, who had already signed up to stay on next year, to stay together while filling the space in a way which is acceptable to all.

A few weeks on, a replacement tenant has been found for next year, no one is out of pocket and the group are happy to stay together in the house with their new housemate.

So, University of Portsmouth Student Housing – if we had a 'star of the month' prize, you would have won it. Thank You. 

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