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Triple Glazing Thrown Away


Sadly, after highlighting the plight of a member last year whose triple glazed upgrades were criticised as being out of keeping in a conservation area where 80% of windows were already uPVC, the windows have now been removed and replaced with lower grade double glazing. 

The Background 

 Read our original coverage here:  Planning Inspector Rules Triple Glazing To Be Replaced With Single Glazing - PDPLA News - Portsmouth and District Private Landlords Association

Sadly, Portsmouth's confused approach to Conservation Areas (31 distinct areas, many apparently created just to stop newer materials and nothing to do with conserving historic craftmanship or preserving a look or feel of an area), its lack of a qualified Conservation officer or a valid Local Plan coupled with the total lack of ongoing management of these awareness leaves residents at the mercy of fortune, not knowing whether to upgrade or leave to rot - most go ahead and it is only when a neighbour complains, as we the situation in this case, any action is taken.

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