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The Thing About Smart Appliances


Charlotte is having a month off, so I thought I'd use her spot to share a thought this month as I just bought a new washing machine for one of the houses.  At £229 from with free delivery it was a no brainer, why even try and repair the old one. Not only  was the new one  A+++, it had a 10 year parts guarantee AND it was SMART - but that's where my worries began

The Thing About Smart Appliances 

You may ask what a Smart washing machine does....

Well, initial reaction is 'not much' - you can either use the dial on the front of the machine to select, say, a  40 degree wash or a 60 degree wash, or you can set it to Smart and then use the app on your phone to select a 40 degree or a 60 degree wash - so no benefit to using the app, just more steps to complete.

But then you step back and start to see the benefits - being able to start the washing just as you get on the train home, so it will finish when you arrive and not be all creased in the machine - OK, an occasional benefit.

How about, you want the 40 degree wash but you are going to put extra detergent in and want a couple of extra rinse cycles, but having said that you want the slower spin speed for whatever reason - well, with the dial on the front, this is not an option but with the app, you can build your own wash program....

So for some, there are real benefits and for most, occasional ones - and at £229 all in, you are not going to complain that it was Smart as well....

But then you think about your tenants, particularly in HMO's or Serviced Accom,  while they are there you can sell the benefits of Smart appliances and utilities but unlike Smart locks, you cannot change the codes when they leave.

Do you really want last years disgruntled tenants subjecting this years lovely lady tenants washing to a boil cycle?

Rule Number 1:  Use Smart stuff / Buy Smart stuff / Encourage Smart stuff - it is good and brings benefits


Ignore rule 2 at your peril

Bouncing back (like an old tennis ball...)
It's no holiday for anyone...

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