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Tenant Tax Is Lawful

Tenant Tax Is Lawful

The High Court has rejected a request that the legality of the hated 'Tenant Tax' be tested with a Judicial Review.

We are conscious that many of our members have been badly affected by recent tax changes and angered by the 'Tenant Tax" in particular, which threatens to push even the smallest landlords into the higher tax bracket.

This month the campaign group 'Axe the Tenant Tax" went to London"s High Court to argue the case that there should be a Judicial Review to review the legality of this particular tax, with a view to stopping its introduction all together.

The news is not good, as reported by ITV:

"Private landlords have been refused permission to challenge the legality of proposed changes to the taxation of income from buy-to-let properties.

Landlords' campaign group Axe the Tenant Tax submitted at London's High Court that the changes would be both "unfair and unlawful", and that the case should go to a full judicial review hearing.

However, Mr Justice Dingemans ruled the challenge "arguable" and dismissed it.

The changes, which are due to come into force in 2017, would stop landlords being able to claim buy-to-let costs - largely mortgage interest payments - as a business expense."

If you are still unsure how these changes will affect you, use our simple calculator here:

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