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Senior Councillor Responds to PDPLA Local Plan Input

Senior Councillor Responds to PDPLA Local Plan Input

Last month we included the PDPLA response to the consulation on the Local Plan 'Issues and Options' document  (see it here).  In clarification, Councillor Luke Stubbs, deputy leader of PCC, responded: "Just a quick comment on the local plan and infrastructure. Much of what most people would include as infrastructure is outside of the control of local government (hospitals, doctors, new schools (although not the expansion of existing ones), the A27, railways) and so unless central government departments are willing to make commitments - and they're not - this cannot be considered in the local plan." 

He went on to add,

"As for school places and roads, improvements will be made as and when they are affordable. Local plans generally come with an infrastructure delivery plan, but this only covers things needed to mitigate growth and not to overcome existing problems and the time window is usually fairly short - ca 5 years - reflecting the impossibility of planning beyond that given the uncertainty about what monies might be available. Even the City Centre Road, which is of critical importance to the regeneration of the central area may not happen as the council can only cover a third of the cost at most and no commitment has been made by government to provide the rest.

I think we both think this short termism is no way to run a country and from my perspective, it was one of the reasons I was in favour of the combined authority: the long term funding and greater autonomy it would have provided would have gone some way to overcoming these problems"


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