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PDPLA Recommended Suppliers just got better


What is the one thing you get from the PDPLA that you CANNOT get anywhere else?

We hope there are several answers to that one – but one answer that some may have overlooked is our ability to share information about which suppliers and tradespeople can be relied upon to do a good job for local landlords.

Yes, there are various ratings sites but can you rely on them? With questions@ and our Recommended Suppliers list you get current information from fellow landlords without the influence of the traders concerned – you don't get that anywhere else – and the good news, is it just got better. 

Why Recommended Suppliers? 

Need a reliable electrician, roofer, solicitor, builder – who won't cost a fortune? You can check-out your favourite recommended traders' website – where everyone seems to score a perfect 5-stars – or maybe ask around. But it's not easy.Too many to choose from - not enough good information.

We are now re-launching our own, in-house, PDPLA Recommended Suppliers List.But making it a success depends on you. This is a space where we can share really useful local recommendations. So please, if you have used a good local supplier, take five minutes to make a recommendation. If you have taken-up a recommendation, take five minutes to add a comment.If every member adds one or two entries it will soon become a really useful resource for us all.

The system is simple and self-explanatory to use. We want to keep the list as honest and accurate as possible, so it is private to PDPLA members, we take no payments, and suppliers can't add their own entries.

Don't hide your favourite tradesman away, help to get them some extra work and help another member.It benefits us all in the end and it's part of what being a member of the Association is all about.Do it now! 

What Has Changed? 

We have updated the website to show who added an entry and when they added it – so you can see how current the recommendation is.

We have added a comment box, so each time you use a recommended supplier, you can feedback on the experience- this will help us see who gets used, who has 'good references' and also, who may not be as reliable as they were (so we can remove them).

We have also put a process in place to check details are accurate and current and also, to meet our GDPR obligations, so do please use it and update it – it is only as successful as you make it.

AND, we will start to follow up on some of the more generic questions@ requests to ensure that what feeds in through that route also finds it way into and updates the Recommended Suppliers list.

What About Questions@?

You could argue that questions@ has taken over from PDPLA Recommended Suppliers and it does have the advantage that if you want to know who is available or best THIS WEEK, then you can get an answer to that specific question.

The downside is, every time you want something you need to ask, and people find themselves recommending again and again, when in reality it would be better if our Recommended Suppliers was current and up to date and questions@ was used just for those odd questions like 'has anyone any experience of contracting for entry way systems for shared accommodation' or 'I need advice on EV charging points for specific tenants in a parking area under a block which I have part ownership of the freehold' as we have seen asked recently.

By comparison, our chairman recently asked for a recommendation for a roofer using questions@ as the Recommended Suppliers had not had any roofers added since 2014.  He received 14 different recommendations – how do you narrow that down to a shortlist? It would have been much easier if the Recommended Suppliers had been updated and the top 2 or 3, recommended by multiple landlords, would have been obvious. With that in mind, once the work is finished, he has promised to feedback via Recommended Suppliers on his experience with the roofer he ends up choosing.

Where Do You Find It?

That is easy.  Log into pdpla.com, go to the Members Area pulldown and select Recommended Suppliers.

If you want to try now, just click this link: https://pdpla.com/members/recommended-suppliers

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