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PDPLA Landlords Checklist Available

PDPLA Landlords Checklist Available

Being a landlord is more complicated than most of us realise. The laws affecting us are changing all the time and even experienced landlords are omitting to carry out some mandatory requirements.

The PDPLA Landlords’ Checklist has been created to assist landlords, especially less experienced landlords, in managing a tenancy.

It is by no means a ‘Letting Manual’ but a list of requirements that the landlord needs to address.

The checklist has been set out in chronological order from pre new tenancy to ending a normal agreement. We have not attempted to cover repossessing a property when the relationship has broken down as this is a very complex business with many variables.

Many landlords, sometimes encouraged by agents and service providers, get confused as to what is a legal requirement or will incur penalties, what is recommended and what is just a good idea. To address this problem we have ranked the requirements by level of importance; (3) being must do as penalties may apply, (2) being recommended, and (1) being useful.

We have also included a list of useful websites that can give you further information.

The checklist has been designed for standard tenancies, however, we hope to include sections on: HMOs, Student Letting, ‘Benefits’ Letting, Holiday Letting and Furnished Letting in the future.

The intention is that this is an evolving document. We want to hear from you the user if you believe any other requirements need to be added to the checklist, or you have and suggestions for its improvement. Please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

View, download or print the checklist here

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