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PDPLA Announces Broadband Deal With Digital Home


Members will be aware of the deal we have agreed with Digital Home, providing 900Mbps broadband and Wi-Fi with specialist 'landlord support and billing' at prices considerably better than those available to retail customers. 

Do remember, if you have properties currently with Virgin, that you are able to leave their contract early without penalties when they hit you with their annual price increase. 

Reminder Of The Details 

Great news: We have negotiated an exclusive deal with Digital Home which provides hyper fast broadband at exclusive rates and with premium customised support for all PDPLA members.

There are one or two things to sort out, but in the interim PDPLA members can place orders today with Digital Home. Although you will sign up with standard tariffs, the PDPLA rates will be retrospectively applied. Just notify This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of which properties you have signed up with Digital Home and we will ensure they get the PDPLA deal.

Sign up at (A "PDPLA Order Interface" will be in place in the next few weeks – then you will be able to sign up on the PDPLA terms and will not need to use the retail interface that you see today, but don't wait until then if you are ready to switch now, just sign up and then notify us that you have done so).

Fuller details below, but in summary I would recommend you proactively look at the expiry dates on your current broadband contracts and take advantage of the exclusive deal with Digital Home as soon as possible.

  • PDPLA members will pay just £37 a month for 900 Mbps hyper fast broadband (discounted from £45 a month).
  • This is a 2-year deal, so sign up for 24 months – but we do not expect to see big price hikes at the end of the contract period unlike competitors
  • Digital Home will also upgrade the router to the new standard (Wi-Fi 6), free of charge, when those become available in a few months time.
  • In addition, if any of your properties require an additional Wi-Fi router – for example to further extend quality Wi-Fi reception in certain rooms – that would be just an additional £4 a month (discounted from £8 a month).
  • Digital Home will provide support on installation planning into the property and the router location
  • In my experience, they are also very understanding of the fact that we are landlords and cannot "wait in" all day for someone to do the install
  • They are also building a specific Portal for both you and your tenants to manage service issues to simplify fault management and reduce your wasted time!
  • Finally, Digital Home are building a customised flexible invoicing, statement, and billing suite for landlords which we will share the details of when available.

I think this saves us all time, makes our tenants happier and is commercially attractive.

There is a big benefit here for every property you signup – better service than Virgin, better technology, better prices and a promise of support should it be needed far superior to the pain we experience when Virgin have problems.

Please note: As usual we have loaded this deal in favour of members. You get the benefit when you sign up a single property. We get no benefit until members have signed up 100 properties and even then, not until the 1 year anniversary of them being installed – so please help us get to 100 quickly.

Any questions – just ask. 

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