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One In Seven Tenants Break Tenancy Rules

One In Seven Tenants Break Tenancy Rules

Tenancy agreements are being broken by one in seven renters breaching one or more rules according to Direct Line company. From its research it also claims that 11% of tenants were unaware of whether they had in fact broken any of the rules outlined in their agreement.

We suspect that the proportion is much higher - as many of us have 'management rules' relating to how tenants should live in and occupy a property and we know that 3 times out of 5 these are overlooked by tenants or never completely complied with - candles in rooms, smoking on the balcony, not switching the extractor off and so many others...

Anyway, according to their research, the top ten most common rules breached by tenants are:breached rules by tenants

The most common breach is not paying the rent on time, whilst keeping pets and smoking are also high on the list of offences. Landlords will slap the offending tenants with various measures, the most common being (52%) taking a sum of money from or sometimes all of the tenancy deposit.

Other measures taken by landlords are making tenants pay for any damage to the property or contents (22%), however only 4% were evicted.

21% of tenants admitted that that their landlord was unaware of any infringements..

Nick Breton, of the insurance company said: "The relationship a tenant has with their landlord can be crucial in the smooth running of a rented property. It is therefore of utmost importance for tenants to keep in touch with their landlords should anything arise that may be in breach of their rental agreement."

"Many landlords may be accommodating of requests to have a pet or to make changes to the property, but it is always safest to ask before doing anything to ensure that you are not breaking your contract in the process. Tenants who break the rules of their contract can face anything from the loss of their deposit to eviction, so for peace of mind, landlords should ensure they have a watertight legal contract in place to fall back on should anything happen to their property."

This ties in well with research just released and supported by the BPF, albeit focussed on the commercial sector, which shows that overall rental returns are higher where landlords pay attention to and achieve higher customer (tenant) satisfaction scores.

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