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NRLA Policy Board Aims To Unite Landlords Nationally


 The PDPLA was one of 10 landlord associations which sat down (virtually) with the NRLA this month to agree priorities and focus – the logic being quite simply that if the NRLA are truly going to be the voice of landlords nationally, then it ought to represent the priorities of all of the local groups and also, to expect their support. This was the inaugural meeting of that advisory group.

The meeting was chaired by NRLA Chairperson, Jodi Berg OBE and operated under 'Charter House' rules to ensure everyone could speak freely.

 After agreeing 'Terms of Reference' (copy available to any members who are interested from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) the following topics were discussed:

  • Discussion covering Covid-19 specific challenges
  • Renter's Reform Bill,
  • Court Reform,
  • Renting Homes (Wales),
  • Welsh elections
  • Financial & economic challenges
  • MEES
  • New notice periods for England & Wales
  • NRLA Campaigns
  • Section 8
  • Section 21
  • New Tenancy loans
  • Lifetime deposit
  • HMO issues
  • Roundtable meeting in September
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Housing Tribunal - Scotland
  • Housing Court
  • Nottingham City Council – authorisation to record evidence
  • Keeping & gathering evidence for Anti-social behaviour

Questions raised:

  • What is the definition of anti-social behaviour?
  • What qualifies?
  • Is there a need for a registered police number?
  • What evidence is required?
  • What is the housing court going to look like?
  • Is housing a human right?

A number of actions, focussed on coordinating the actions of all of the groups involved, were agreed and then a number of other topics were discussed including:

  • Drive to change the outlook of how landlords are perceived.
  • Work with charities
  • Crisis & Homelessness.
  • Proposals for rent capping & making s8 ground 8 discretionary.
  • Electrical testing date for full implementation of regulations.
  • Renting at social rates.
  • Density of developed properties.

It was agreed that our next meetings would focus upon:

  • Treatment of Landlords for tax purposes
  • CGT reliefs
  • Current planning reform proposals
  • Section 8 & the Renters' Reform Bill

Do let us know if you have strong views on any of these topics or need more information on any item.

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