New Year, same old me!

New Year, same old me!

A year ago my resolutions were the usual motley collection of be braver, faster, more successful, thinner and healthier. As is the way with resolutions they mostly "went west" this year I turn 50 and I can, supposedly, no longer pretend to be 40-ish. I have taken a less progressive stance this year.

Health-wise I was aiming for the Great South run but regrettably my hips said NO! Business-wise I planned to expand massively but common sense said NO!, and let's just say that devoting more time to family doesn't always work out well.

  • Don't think of it as a New Year resolution, says Charles Duhigg, the author of The Power of Habit - think of it as a new year plan. Much more important than setting a far off goal, like running a marathon, is to set an immediate plan that you can start right away. Start with baby steps - running half a mile every Monday morning, for example - and you can work upwards.
  • Whether you are making a new habit from scratch or changing an old habit, decide on the cue and the reward. The cue could be a time, a place or a feeling, while the reward must be instantaneous, explains Wendy Wood, provost professor of psychology and business at the University of Southern California: "Don't buy a new pair of shoes at the end of the week" that works for our conscious mind, which is not the neuromechanism behind habits. The reward needs to be immediate, something that makes the behaviour fun - so go for your run, followed by a large slice of cake perhaps?

As Maslow kindly pointed out, you can't leap from the bottom of the hierarchy of needs to the top in one hit. It is only when you have secured one level that you can move to the next, all the time keeping an eye on the lower bits making sure they don't collapse under you.

I thought I would give a little thought to re-framing resolutions to increase the chances of success, have fewer concrete goals and concentrate on being, not doing. How about a few win-win situations? After all, my life is chugging along quite nicely and I really should be more grateful and live in the day a bit more.

Resolution 1: Be present more often. Those that know me will also know that I often don't pay attention and largely live in the future so I will try to ground myself to the day and pay attention to the moment that I am in (as well as the person with whom I am conversing).

Resolution 2: Health - be more holistic in my approach and not work through the pain, I have developed the middle aged habit of groaning when standing up, I would like to conquer that and the solution is definitely not to run faster or further.

Resolution 3: Business - quality not quantity is the order of the day, not chasing daydreams but maintaining good relationships with the team, guests and contractors. Add in being more orderly and finally getting around to systemising a bit more to encourage the business to be somewhat independent of what goes on in my head. Hopefully in this way I can delegate more effectively with written systems

Wishing you all Health, wealth and happiness for 2019 x Charlotte

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