Meet the team!

Meet the team!

Keeping body, soul and business together!


My blogs are a bit factual. I am a mathematical, science-y sort of a person who likes nothing better than sitting down with a few calculations for the afternoon.

My propensity for fact is mitigated in my private life by a terrific husband who is gifted in the liberal arts department and brings all manner of interesting conversation to the table when I have finished wrestling with calculations. My son brings our household to life with all manner of teenage nonsense and laughter is never far away. We make a great family team.

As I grow my business I am faced with many gaps in my knowledge and try to find people who complement my skills, gifts and personal preferences. If I had my way I would be out networking several times a week and have a collection of team members ready to implement ideas and sort out the back-office. Small business does not allow for prima-donnas so I don"t get to do that (yet!). The budget doesn"t stretch that far so these are the characters that I rely on and owe huge thanks to for their help in keeping it all afloat:

Magda is my new partner in an agency venture (Stopover Portsmouth) which will organise short lets for fellow landlords. Magda is a whizz with a spreadsheet and has sorted out 2 years" worth of messy accounts. She has learned all manner of IT tricks and tips for helping the new business run smoothly. She is hard working and has great attention to detail.

No short let business would work without loyal and trusted maintenance staff. Dave looks after my gas and has turned out to jobs at all hours over the 10 years or so that we have worked together. Ian and Faye look after refurbs and general maintenance, Paul does brickwork and, last but not least, Kamila and an array of cleaners look after the day to day task of keeping everything spotless for my guests. Quite a few colleagues together and it works out fine.

Added to this are a number of joint-venture partners on various projects, I am drawn to working with people and definitely find that two heads are better than one when it comes to property deals. You can double your budget and your ideas to really maximise each property to it's best potential. Of course, you have to compromise and be good at solving arguments as well.

To enliven my blogs I am adding in a link to another blog, by my brother-in-law, who has also embraced holiday letting in his own unique style (Warning- contains plenty of swearing!) His prose style is livelier than mine, and his business approach a lot more entertaining!

Have a great month, and I hope to see you on Monday 9th x Charlotte

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