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Lordly To Replace StudentPad?


Members may remember last year, Jackson Jacob came to talk to us about his student project seeking to improve the tools available to both tenants and landlords.

He has now progressed this to the stage where a new app is being launched, which he says could be a replacement for StudentPad.

What Does It Do? 

Jackson tells us that he has a  minimal viable product that could serve as its replacement. You can find it on https://www.lordly.app and, it is free to use.

The site has a range of features that he hopes you will find useful as a landlord; to name a few:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Tenancy Management
  • Communication with Tenants
  • Enquiry Handling

More Detail...

LordlyWe were worried about asking landlords to switch to a new app, how would landlord data be secured, what would be the benefits, etc  - so we posed these questions to Jackson and this is what he said:

Storing data securely and in a compliant manner is a primary focus for us! We are actively working on getting Microsoft accreditation to prove this. Functionality of the app includes:

  • Cross-platform design
  • a landlord can manage their portfolio of properties on any device, any where in the world; provided that they have an internet connection.
  • Portfolio Management
  • A digitised place to compile all your properties, so that we can begin marketing them for you.
  • Portfolio Reporting
  • Real time, so you can see how your portfolio is doing on our site.
  • This is an on going feature-set and as time progresses, more and more reports will get added.
  • We have just added our first report which allows a landlord to track the Search to Enquiry pipeline in a graphical way with another 2 more actively in the works.
  • So that a landlord can see the value we provide in generating potential tenants.
  • Portfolio Site
  • So a landlord has a site they can readily share which contains only their properties, means they do not need to maintain a site and all the caveats that come with it:  GDPR; Regularly updating design; Thinking about ease of use and interaction.
  • Analytics also in the works (To be rolled in with Portfolio Reporting)
  • Tenancy Management
  • A task list that that is tenancy specific, so that a landlord can track future actions and notes.
  • A tenant list so a landlord can digitally track all their tenants.
  • We are reviewing this and expanding on it so that more information can be stored that are tenant specific, and consolidating it so that landlords can easily access and maintain them.
  • To get away from the physical paper copies; once you have lost them, I have been told they are a real pain to find. Especially when you need to keep records for 3 years.
  • Mainly used for tenancy communication at the moment
  • Storing tenancy specific documentation securely on the cloud so you can access them from anywhere, anytime.
  • Tenancy Communication
  • Automated tasks
  • For example; as recurring SMS messages to reminds forgetful tenants that rent is due in a week's time or the bins go out tomorrow; leading to a cleaner house.
  • Active communication
  • Limited to SMS messaging as we are currently facing a challenge that may incur the end user some cost, we are exploring other avenues to achieve our goal.
  • Our goal is to provide full SMS/WhatsApp/Email messaging all integrated into a single coherent timeline.
  • Enquiry Management
  • So you do not have to go hunting through your inbox for enquires, you can just track it all on the site.
  • Creates less mess too!

Future work:

  • Property based advice
  • University verification, so that a property can be vetted by the University which will cause it to go up within our search algorithm.
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced communication such as making phone calls from the app to the tenant and having that transcribed so you automatically have a record of the conversation
  • Integration with emergency home services such as CET UK or local sources for when quick action is required e.g. Burst pipe.

And so much more….

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