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Load of Rubbish!

Load of Rubbish!

Don"t you just love saving the environment? If I know landlords, the only thing they like to save is money so I thought I would have a crack at combining the two and give a few ideas that do both.


Take a look at where you haemorrhage energy, water, time and cash in your business. Decide what is good spending and bad spending of resources.

Become an expert at stain removal and cleaning, my favourites are hydrogen peroxide for mattress stains and barkeepers friend powder for anything metal. Paint with Johnstones Acrylic durable matt and you will be cleaning between tenancies instead of re-painting.

Don"t replace things until needed. can help if you have an inkling it can be fixed but can"t find what you need on youtube.

Re-use - can it do another turn? Having a well-worded environmental policy in your guest book/tenant pack can excuse items that maybe don"t look 100% but function well.

Water - often overlooked but we live in an area that runs short every Summer and an increasing number of properties are on a meter. When you replace use water-saving features wherever possible. A cheap fix are flow limiters in the shower and a brick in the cistern. There is a great bunch of freebies available at, you should be able to claim for each address.

Energy - switch all your lightbulbs to LED, most of us hate to be called out for a blown bulb so these save not just electricity but your valuable time as well. There are many brands of home energy monitor, smart meter and heating control that will save you money and energy. Have a look at Inspire home automation, time-o-stat and Nest. Popular options with landlords and hosts.

The last few months I have been monitoring rubbish with vigilance bordering on obsession. These are my findings:

75% of my guest and tenant recycling is plastic bottles. A bit shocking as only 10 years ago we rarely used these. Make sure they know the water is good to drink! I use water softeners that not only reduce cleaning effort by 50% but detergent use by the same. It removes the dreaded nitrates and leaves the water tasting like bottled. How about some branded re-useable bottles? Tenants are almost incapable of sorting recycling so I do every property every week. You can order the old style green boxes or another bin from PCC:

I have upped the ante on recycling and have found that Zero Waste Portsmouth (facebook) have some great hints including where to drop off tetra-packs, plastic food trays etc. which also feature large in the bins. I use the green boxes (as above) to sort and store these things according to types of plastic and a separate one for glass and for fabrics (guests often leave clothes). They only need emptying every month or so.Waste food is another area. Those leaving tenants who don"t care for their beans? Use the Olio app to find someone in need locally to pick up unused food or toiletries.

If this all sounds too much, introduce measures one at a time, build good habits. If your HMOs or holiday let have a cleaner they can help. Now I have listed what I do I can see a massive difference from a year ago and it really hasn"t caused any pain. Tuesday will continue to be 'bin day" for me.

Finally - if anyone else has bright ideas please share in comments. Have a great month, Charlotte

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