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Landlord Tip Of The Month - January 2021


One of the main causes of tension between landlords and tenants is a misunderstanding of the landlord's right to inspect or view properties that they own. When it comes to both landlord rights and tenants rights in England & Wales, it can sometimes feel as if the rights you both possess are in direct conflict with each other, yet provided that both you and your tenants understand your positions, disputes can be avoided and any tension quashed before it arises.

It's perfectly reasonable to assume that, as a landlord with rights to the properties you own, there will be times when you want or need to visit a property you let, yet it's important to recognise these visits cannot be made whenever you feel appropriate. In accordance with tenant and landlord law, you're required to give 24 hours notice before you visit, otherwise your tenants are within their legal rights to refuse you entry (except in very specific circumstances).

One of the key principles to a tenancy is exclusivity. In other words, your tenants have an exclusive right to the property and the ability to exclude all others, including you - the landlord. Of course throughout the duration of their tenancy, there may be occasions when you wish to access the property, for varying reasons, and it is important that you know, as a landlord, what your responsibilities towards your tenant are.

In theory, as an HMO landlord you have the right to enter communal areas without prior notice but our advice and best practice  recommend that you treat an HMO as a normal family house and do not enter without giving all tenants 24 hours notice  and refrain from doing so if it is inconvenient for 1 or more of them.

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