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HMO Licensing Ends This Month - Is It Good News Or Bad News?

HMO Licensing Ends This Month - Is It Good News Or Bad News?

Additional Licensing of HMO"s in Southsea comes to an end this month. Its original objective was to improve the standard of houses offered, to encourage better management of those houses and to reduce issues within the local community. Has it done that? We need to hear your perspective…..

Since 2012, PCC has identified and licensed over 3,200 properties and had the intention of inspecting each and every one of them, to ensure that they are managed correctly, that they are safe and have sufficient amenities of the right standard for the allowed number of occupants. Part of the justification for licensing was to reduce the number of complaints both from tenants and from neighbours.

Are your properties better now than they were in 2012? How much of this is as a result of the licensing scheme? Conversely, are there improvements you have not made due to licensing? Were any properties never inspected?

Have you found the lack of published standards to which you should adhere a difficulty or just a hindrance (published standards were available until 2 years ago when they were removed pending updated guidance from national government). Has the application of standards been consistent for you? We know that post-Grenfell, what was acceptable before (like an escape route through a 1st floor 'tilt and turn" bedroom window) may not be acceptable now even though regulations are unchanged - have you experienced this and if so, what did it cost you and in your view, how did it improve safety in your property.

We also hear examples of 2 near identical houses being inspected, both with the same 'eggshell panel doors" and one landlord being told to change the doors and the other being passed as acceptable. Is this apocryphal or has it happened to you? Have you been asked to do anything you thought illogical, like boxing in meters or phase connectors or anything else?

If you were a member of the Landlord Accreditation Scheme, were you asked to make changes to facilities that had been accepted under LAS or did you benefit when applying for a licence as you were already in the LAS?

Sorry for all of these questions - but HMO"s are increasingly demonised in the press, on social media and by councillors so there is a real possibility that we will see more licensing of small HMO"s being discussed next year. We need clear evidence on how effective the current period of licensing has been in order to respond to that - so please let us know, what did Additional Licensing improve for you and what didn"t it affect at all? Is rubbish on the streets better or worse, do you get more or less complaints about noise and poor behaviour? Please summarise your experience and help us represent you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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