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Green Housing Goes Into The Red


With the threat of increased EPC's hovering between 2025 and 2028,  decent homes standards and the like just around the corner and no help for landlords likely, it is with some relief we heard government ministers back pedalling on commitments as 'people could not afford to spend £10-15 thousand per house at the moment, bringing them up to standard.'  - one has to ask, did you only just realise?

What Changed

To be honest, it is hard to tell yet. Our understanding is the raised EPC requirement has been shelved indefinitely - a shame as most properties ought to be able to achieve a D rating and those that cannot need special treatment if they are to remain habitable.

Whether the decent homes standard went with it or stays as part of the Renters Reform Act remains to be seen - as does the question of whether the renters reform bill will make it onto the statute books in the next 4 months (our prediction) before Parliament shuts down for a General Election.

And what will the next government bring?

All we can say with any surety at present is that we probably have 6 months off from new regulations - so make the most of it. 

EPCs on 257s

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