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Charles Burns RIP


It is with great sadness that we share the news of Charles passing. A stalwart of so many organisations and institutions in Portsmouth - he provided the grease that made things happen, if the city stops working as a result, it will not surprise many of us. 

Charles - you will be greatly missed.

Charles was the guy who always sat at the back, took notes and was happy not to be noticed - yet he had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the workings of Portsmouth, the different organisations and the people that comprised them. Between meetings he would put people in touch with each other, remind one of precedents, identify and link parallels and generally, do his best to ensure that everyone else was more effective and successful.  That selfless altruism defined him - everything was for the benefit of others.

He gave his patronage and support to so many organisations - from the Street Pastors to the hospital League of Friends, the Portsmouth Society to the PDPLA, the cycle forum to Shaping Portsmouth, the Federation of Small Business, Solent LEP and so many other groups over the past 2 decades since his retirement from the civil service.

He was truly a giant in terms of influence and positive effect and a tragic loss for the city and all who knew him. Our thoughts are with his wife, Betty and his family at this very sad time.  As his passing was sudden (and post-operative) there will be a post mortem, so as yet no details of funeral etc are available, but we will share with members once they are formalised.

Charles Burns, friend, confidant, supporter, mentor to us all - you will not be forgotten.

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