Charging Points For Flats


This month one of our members used our 'questions@' tool to ask other members for help with a problem.

He asked, "A flat tenant has requested permission to install a car charging point in the basement carpark of the block - in his allocated place. It is a block of 15 flats where I also own a share of the freehold so do have some influence over the situation. His suggestion is that he runs a wire from his flat to the basement. Would appreciate knowing your thoughts or your experience

And the answer is... 

Well, as is often the case, there is no one answer but the member concerned did receive a range of suggestions from the membership - plus we forwarded this question to PCC and have an very useful answer from them too. 

In general, having a charging point on  a parking bay for a flat will increase its value and appeal – so unless it is going to cost a fortune, why wouldn't you?

As a freeholder, you should think about a solution that lets you extend it to other bays as needed, such as pod-point, but that is probably a longer-term decision and don't forget that the OLEV grant funding could cover 75% of the cost.

Anyway, this is what Andrew Waggott of PCC had to say, 

"Without knowing the layout of the block, and the big caveat that I am not an electrical engineer; you might run into compliance issues if you are running cables from one supply for any distance through a 'landlord supply' area. (i.e. the electrics which I assume will be present for lifts, lighting etc. in the communal spaces). The issue being that, should an emergency occur, or the landlord electrics need to be worked on whilst 'dead'; there would remain a cable running through the area which would still be 'live' as it would come from the breaker within the flat.

I would have thought that it would be easier just to bring the charging point off the landlord supply and install a sub-meter to re-charge the EV owner for their consumption of that power. This would add a level of administration, but you can install automatic sub-meters which will report the consumption back to the landlord via a GSM sim card; should the landlord not attend site regularly; or indeed it could be arranged for the tenant themselves to send photos of the meter reads from the display against which they could be charged.

As I say, I would speak to a competent electrical professional before undertaking the top proposal because of compliance. I'd definitely be looking at the second option as a preferred solution."

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