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Cavity Insulation Caused Mould Remedy


Many of us who took advantage of the local authority supported cavity wall insulation have been plagued by mould and damp problems we never had before - but one effective solution is insulating paint.

Yes, it does exist and this is not an April / August fool - insulating paint really works. Don't believe it, well we have the pictures to prove it...

Not sure whether your walls are insulated? Check the air bricks - if they have these plastic barrier inserts, then you have cavity insulation
The problem is, it is the corners like this one that don't get filled creating cold spots inside
1st sign on checkout is a little mould beginning to appear high in the corner
But pull out your furniture and then you see how bad it is...
First, clean up the mould - bleach will make it look good but not kill it, what you need is this stuff..
Then paint 2 thick coats of this stuff - brush or roller
Then 2 coats of acrylic matt as normal and the problem is solved

 Obviously too soon to tell in this case whether it worked or not, but the same materials (courtesy of damp proofing material supplier and PDPLA partner Alliance Remedial Supplies in Gosport) have been used in a number of bay windows and similar cold spots in the same portfolio over the past 5 years and in none of them, have the 'cold spot' damp returned.

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