Lots of news for student and HMO landlords this month - not bias on our part, just a snapshot of where all the activity is at the moment. Thanks to everyone who responded on the HMO consultation: about 65% of you opted for 'option 1' whilst the rest went for 'option...
A slightly different format to our news this month, no blog as Charlotte is skiing, no Landlord Tips (please send yours) and no Other News but what we do have are some meaty items for you, whatever your market focus as a landlord.We have a summary of last weeks meeting with...
We are getting mixed messages from Portsmouth councillors and council staff. On the one hand we are being asked to help reduce homelessness and to provide more accommodation for those most in need whereas on the other, good landlords are wasting their time arguing against odd decisions and perfectly good properties...

At our November member meeting we had a short discussion on the use of Property MoT’s. Is it yet more bureaucracy or might they be useful? It is interesting that the Labour manifesto proposes to mandate Property MoT’s – could this be one area where local landlords agree with an aspect of the Labour Party housing policy?

We actually suggest that we may need to go further and should be thinking about offering Tenancy MoT’s…

As we approach the mid-part of the 21st century, is it time to consider providing 21st century properties for our tenants? We know many were built in the time of Queen Victoria, but as landlords each property faces a continual cycle of upgrade, refurbishment and renewal - so as part of that, should we be considering Smart technology, leading edge energy solutions and maybe, even reconfiguring the way people live?

We have many members who are unhappy with PCC’s rules on communal space in HMO’s – the rules seem to have grown over the past 10 years in an attempt to provide a basis to reject HMO’s which are seen as ‘too densely developed’ by councillors and local residents. We are now at a point where PCC ask for more communal space than any other council in the country (and in many cases, 2 or 3 times more than most councils).

It was thus somewhere between shock and amusement that we heard PCC had lost a case where they tried to stop a very small flat from being let.

There was a time when every major town introduced licensing schemes to control some perceived problem in the private rented sector, Portsmouth introduced Additional Licensing in 2013 to solve ‘problems’ with HMO’s in the south of the city for example.  Now those schemes have come to an end, various councils have tried and failed to introduce follow on or different schemes and many are failing to get the necessary approvals – Brighton, Stoke and Hounslow are the 3 examples we look at here…

As we head toward the final days of the election, the RLA have perfectly summarised the 6 things that every landlord wants from the new government:

  1. Boost supply to meet demand
  2. Support vulnerable tenants
  3. End the Right to Rent
  4. Improve Justice for Tenants and Landlords
  5. Root out Criminal Landlords
  6. Reject All Forms of Rent Controls

In a well articulated statement they demand a more positive approach to the Private Rented Sector, read more here....

After the October PDPLA meeting, I attended the Full Council meeting of Portsmouth City Council and subsequently the Housing Cabinet meeting on 21 October to oppose proposals put forward by Cllr Cal Corkery to introduce selective licensing for all rented properties in the city.

The Home Office have updated their guidance to landlords on how to perform checks for nationals of of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the USA who have entered the UK through eGates and do not have an endorsement in their passport to evidence leave to enter the UK.


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