Be like Bev!

Be like Bev!

Running this gig has taught me a lot about being a good guest, previously I was always first at the breakfast buffet stuffing plastic bags for a packed lunch, but no more! I have learned what goes into creating a great place and that has taught me appreciation in return.

Be like Bev

I have a repeat guest who we shall call Bev. Bev phones to book direct, she doesn"t quibble about the price and generally engages her brain before asking for help. Bev knows that arriving on a Sunday cuts the cost of her trip, that giving a tip to cleaners (particularly at the beginning of the stay) creates a good relationship which results in her having a better trip and that google works for most things. Bev does not hold a grudge to be vented on a review, she simply picks up the phone and reports anything less than ideal.

Summer season brings out the amateur travellers in their droves. This is how they are identified:

  • Last minute bookings
  • Calling at 11pm to book a room
  • Using a credit card with insufficient funds
  • Not realising that there is a check in or check out time
  • Calling on arrival because you are not there (even though it is 2 hours past their arrival time)
  • Thinking that you will discount for a single night stay (the least profitable type)
  • Not reading any of the hosts" carefully crafted communications resulting in a general sense of cluelessness

There are also a number of scams around in short term accommodation, like all businesses we are seen as 'fair game" by some people. It is easy to let your guard down as most guests are great, pleasant folk having a good time with enough money to spend. I thought I would give a few examples here:

  • Booking with incorrect credit card details so that the booking can be cancelled without charge
  • Using stolen credit cards
  • Making a 3 week booking in order to get a visa then cancelling it when the visa application is complete (guests who block the calender prevent bookings from coming in, a cardinal sin!)
  • Picking up a few household items while you are there
  • Bringing in 6 guests when you have booked for 2
  • Thinking that you can"t smell cigarette smoke

These are definitely against the rules and redress is possible, but there are also grey areas, irritations and dishonest behaviour that upsets the host.

  • All manner of filth-I will leave this to your imagination!
  • Cleaning out the breakfast supplies because they are 'free"
  • Using extra linen (stored in the apartment for subsequent bookings) see 6 guests etc. as above
  • Sleeping on the beds and sofas without linen see 6 guests etc. as above
  • Not clearing up after themselves
  • Not reporting broken or damaged items, leaving them for the next guest to find

Summer is a great time, the wheels of business run smoothly and the carefully designed systems pull their weight to make the best possible guest experience with the least possible time spent. A time to relax and even enjoy meeting a few customers. The team are preparing for my absence on holiday next week (woo-hoo!) closely followed by their absence for the rest of August. Testing out remote working practices and the systems that I so enjoy, identifying where the business is stretched and creating capacity to take on more short-let places.

Enjoy your holiday accommodation this Summer, if you read this you know how much effort goes into it so, please, be like Bev!


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