August Newsletter

August Newsletter

August already!  If you are a student landlord you are too busy to read this, but it is important that you do – especially the items on rubbish/domestic waste and licensing. If you have a 5 bed HMO anywhere in the city that is not currently part of the Mandatory Licensing scheme, you need to get your application in before October 1st. And we are trying to get confirmation of the Uni bus route, now Langstone has closed. It appears that the new route will be circular taking in Goldsmith Avenue, Eastney, Albert Road and the Uni campus, so those hard to shift properties in Eastney may just have become more appealing.... But when we get confirmation, we will let you know.

If you are one of those lucky landlords for whom August is just like any other month and you may even be thinking of a few days away then read Charlottes Blog this month and 'Be Like Bev!'

And as we have discussed a number of times at meetings recently, we need to all get more involved in making our views known – as a disparate group we are an easy target, even with the PDPLA fighting your corner. For example, at the July PRED meeting a decision was made on whether to allow "sandwiched HMO's"  (3 in a row). The 'public' feedback consisted of 39 responses, ours, 2 small residents groups and 36 individuals. As no weighting was given to the fact that we have 300+ student landlords all of whom had agreed our view, it was presented to council as: "In response to the question "Do you agree with the proposed changes to normally prevent three or more HMOs in a row?" the following responses were received from 39 respondents: 77% yes; 15% no; and 8% not sure." So please check the 'Ensure We Are Heard' section as until we can get a more rational way of summarising feedback, our only option is for as many members as possible to respond on these items, and as you will see, there are several this month.  (You can listen to the PRED meeting here - relevant part lasts 10 mins starting 3 mins in)

No members meeting this month as usual, but there will be a Landlords Breakfast next week - so please make a special effort to get along and catch up on all the latest news.

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