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Another Great Landlord Lost To Portsmouth

Gifts for Jonie

It was with some sadness we said goodbye to Joannie Goldenberg at our last meeting. She stepped down from our committee after 14 years service at our AGM in September as she moves forward with her plan to retire to a villa in Portugal  with a garden full of nut trees - I guess that after being surrounded by nuts for so long, it is not something one wants to change....

But seriously, Jonie will be sorely missed. For most, she was the 1st person they met when they joined the PDPLA, the person who introduced them to like minded landlords, who managed their membership, arranged the Christmas parties, produced detailed minutes of all of the meetings and arranged for them to be posted to members. An impossible act to follow - thank you Joannie.

Read on for her response and some thoughts of others...

Joannie's Thoughts

Dear PDPLA Members

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to you all for the bouquet of very exotic flowers and the most and absolutely beautiful cut glass crystal vase and of course the fun Certificate which has given me and a few other people such a laugh. They will be a constant reminder of you all and of my 14 years in the PDPLA.

I have been extremely lucky as I have made a lot of lifelong friends who I will miss seeing on a monthly basis. Talking to you at Christmas and getting to know our members was so nice for me and putting a face to a name at the Christmas Parties. I am sure you, like me, will miss seeing Julian who carried the flag high for the poor and deprived of the City, he was the Chairman when I joined and has been a constant visitor and friend over the years.

I believe I have made the right decision at my time of life to go and live in Portugal in a single storey house – no more stairs - with a lovely garden full of fruit and nut trees and a pool, close to the sea on the Silver Coast. I feel I will be much safer there away from the pandemic in a University City where I am dealing daily with students. The warmer weather and having a swim every day will make staying at home rather nicer, not that I have found it particularly hard here, but many have.

I have enjoyed my 14 years being part of a team looking after and helping you all, and I leave with a happy, but heavy heart as well, because you have all been so lovely to deal with.

Joannie Goldenberg 

Member Comments

PDPLA Treasurer and Company Secretary, Malcolm Drew said: "You were kind enough to step in when we needed a secretary and put in a lot time and effort in over the years which was greatly appreciated. Even after you gave up the job you continued to help out and phone members to chase them up or invite them to our events and always refused to take any payment for your time or expenses.

We all owe you a great debt of gratitude and I will personally miss your loyalty and good humour at our meetings which will not be the same without you.

We wish you a very long and happy retirement, knowing you as I do I am sure that you will keep busy, just make sure you enjoy every moment."

And committee member, Joe Chamberlain added, "Jonie was the first member of PDPLA I ever spoke to. She was enthusiastically "manning" the recruitment desk at the first PDPLA Landlords' Show in 2011. Her friendliness shone through, as it always does, and I joined on the spot. Landlording can be a dry subject and landlords themselves often present as remote and unfeeling. Jonie provided a marvellous antidote to this with her warmth and humanity. Under the surface, Jonie was also a first class landlord, with a sharp landlord's mind, years of practical experience and plenty of excellent advice for anyone who asked for her help. I shall miss her."

And just to make sure the universal and heartfelt thanks are clear, committee stalwart Allan Wadsworth summarised with, "You may not know it, Jonie,  but you have been an inspiration to me. 

Your concern for those who were not able to speak up for themselves struck a real chord with me. It was your concern for those without internet access. (It wasn't actually that long ago, and yet it feels like history now.) You sowed a seed within me then, that has added something good to my life. - I wish you lots of happiness and hope that life shows you the same fairness that you have shown it. Absolute kindest and heartfelt good wishes for your future."

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