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And in Other News (February)

  • Government Rejects Liverpool Licensing Scheme
  • Another Housing Association Fined For Breaking Housing Law
  • How To Buy An HMO
  • Citizens Advice Calls For End To Universal Credit
  • PDPLA Interviewed on Express FM

​Government Rejects Liverpool Licensing Scheme​

Plans to renew a city-wide selective licensing scheme in Liverpool have been rejected by the Government following campaigning by the RLA.

Liverpool City Council had proposed to renew its city-wide selective licensing scheme for another five years, with the current scheme due to end on 31st March 2020.

A consultation on the plans was launched by the council last year. In its consultation response, the RLA opposed plans to renew the city-wide licensing scheme for several reasons (outlined below) including that FOI evidence shows city-wide licensing is not required in Liverpool because the need for licensing is not evidenced in some areas of the city.

More details here: https://news.rla.org.uk/success-government-rejects-renewal-of-liverpool-city-wide-licensing-scheme/?__s=zombhwuswcevq1dvjpkv

Another Housing Association Fined For Breaking Housing Law 

We have reported in the past about local Housing Associations who 'forget' to update gas certificates or fail to keep up with maintenance, so it is with no surprise that we see the article (right) who failed to rectify a serious mould and damp period over a period of 5 years. 

Click here to see the Portsmouth News article

How to buy an HMO

A member was approached by a local church organisation considering buying or creating an HMO for vulnerable people they wanted to help.

Our advice was as follows:

  • If it is an existing HMO (C4 in Planning terms) it will retain that C4 status when sold, though it is worth getting the vendor to confirm that it is listed as a C4 with the local authority prior to purchase
  • If it requires a licence (5 or more inhabitants or other local regulations), the licence does not transfer and will need to be re-applied for, though the property ought to be fine so the only question will be whether the management of the HMO meets the required standard
  • There is a lot of resistance to HMO's in the city, so if particularly troubled or potentially difficult tenants are envisaged, it is worth talking to the Planning team at the council about where best to have such a property
  • There are also a lot of initiatives already in place to help troubled or vulnerable tenants, so it would be worth talking to the team at PCC to see if there is overlap or potential synergy in working with others
  • It goes without saying that being a landlord is a complex and difficult business, both in terms of the paperwork required and the process of managing tenants, especially in HMO's, so I would recommend joining a local landlord association even if day to day business is managed by an agent, as any errors or omissions are your responsibility not theirs and as such, you need to fully understand what they are supposed to do on your behalf
  • And if the owner and the manager of the property are different, it is an 'agent' relationship and a whole host of other regulations need to be abided with

Citizens Advice Calls For End To Universal Credit

In a report in Welfare Weekly,  Citizens Advice have called for a fundamental overhaul of Universal Credit

PDPLA Interviewed On Express FM

​PDPLA Veterans Alwin Oliver and Martin Silman were interviewed on Express FM last month.  One of the topics covered was the importance of 'community landlords' - are you one? Should you be more of one? Click the link to hear the show and then let us know what you think.

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