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And In Other News - December 2021


Oxfords District Heat Network Gets Smart

Modular Houses For ~£30K?

40 year mortgage anybody?

 Oxfords District Heat Network Gets Smart

Oxford are progressing rapidly with their district heat network, combining bore holes and heat pumps with a smart grid and battery technology.

See more here:  Oxfords District Heat Network Gets Smart

Modular Houses For ~£30K?

We watched with interest this month as a 3-bed modular house was auctioned - more details here:   Current Auctions: BPI Auctions

40 year mortgage anybody?

Kensington Mortgages is launching a mortgage where you can fix your interest rate for anything from 11 years up to 40 years.

The rate you get will depend on the equity in your home (or the deposit, if you're a new buyer) and the amount of time you borrow for.

For example, for a 60% loan-to-value you could get a rate of 2.83% for 15 years or 2.9% for 30 years.

For those with just a 5% deposit, a 30-year will cost you 3.77%. That said, because the rate is fixed, says Kensington, it means you don't need to "stress test" the loan for rising rates, which means you should be able to borrow more.

The mortgage will be able to move with you, and 10% annual overpayments are allowed.

Obviously the Buy To Let options are different but what does this presage for the mortgage market? Most mortgage decisions today are based on expectations of changes in interest rates - what would the world be like if we just locked in for the rest of our life and never worried about it again?

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