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2023 Energy Schemes for Landlords

2023 Energy Schemes for Landlords

There were lots of questions for Tyler and Antonia from PCC when they presented to us at our May member meeting. They have been kind enough to answer them and have discovered some of the 'constraints' discussed at the meeting no longer apply.

MEES Compliance

The link to the MEES Compliance tool discussed at the meeting is here: Landlord responsibilities - Switched On Portsmouth 

Limits on number of properties updated

There was some debate as to how big a portfolio a landlord was allowed before they became too large to qualify for funding support. As always, it varied from scheme to scheme - but Tyler has checked all of the different schemes and updated the original presentation with the appropriate 'max number of properties owned' for each: See it here : Updated PCC presentation on Energy Schemes for landlords - May 2023 - Portsmouth & District Private Landlords Association (

Updates On Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Other Questions

Tyler also added, "Also, after double checking the guidance for ECO 4, I can't see any mention of a property limit for landlords. I think there may have been a mix up between different scheme eligibility criteria so I apologise for the confusion."

Any additional questions or queries on specific situations should be directed to the Switched On Portsmouth team (and do remember they cover most of the area, so if you have property in Gosport or Havant, say - you can still be eligible). Find them here: Switched On Portsmouth - Save Energy. Save Money. Save Carbon. 

EPCs on 257s
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