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2022 is a year best forgot, roll on 2023


 Life is a leasehold and far too much of '22 was spent in a legal knot with a business partnership that was no longer desirable. As I end '22 with it finally over, and with myself in recovery from a very challenging experience, the New Year brings a different sort of goal.

So where is it all heading? 

I am usually first at the start line for a new project, my optimism takes over and the future seems rosy. I love the beginning of a project, the plans, charts and projections stir me to action. The reality of getting the work done, systemising and honing the processes to create a great product or service is exhilarating. Once this is done my active and distractible mind gets distracted by the next thing. This year is all about keeping the bits that work and discarding the bits that don't.

The bits that don't work have largely been dispatched with the sale of my guest house. What started 6 years ago as my first sizeable venture into hospitality had become an encumbrance so I was pleased to pass on the mantle to a very competent purchaser. My lower performing guest flats are being put to tenancy for the time being. The rental market is strong and the short let market increasingly crowded so for some properties it makes sense. The extensive renovations have been paid for by the holiday letting so I am happy to take a less active role, by reverting to landlord, for now. A period of reflection is due, to examine my purpose in this machine and affirm my goals both personal and business. To make sure that in creating businesses I am not creating monsters that run me rather than businesses that serve me.

I am committed to 3 projects this year. Firstly a new short stay property in Southsea, I have now set up 7 of these so that is fairly routine. Secondly I look forward to a new purchase in Torquay, an accessible apartment close by the Hospital, to be used for short stays, respite and holiday letting. This is my third such project and we are getting the hang of this specialist market place. The third and most exciting venture is a management agency for adapted holiday lets. We hope to bring together our expertise in this area to offer out to landlords with suitable properties. After 5 years of managing holiday lettings in Southsea we will make this a nationwide venture, using local teams of cleaners and on-call staff in each location to provide a great stay experience for guests with mobility needs. Going national will have some interesting challenges and I am not without nerves at the prospect, let's call it excitement!

I would like to give a special thanks to Alwin and his continued connection with Portsmouth mediation for their part in helping me manage a tricky situation. Their expertise and support have really been very useful so, if you are experiencing challenges as landlords reach out to them, they are there to help. Once again the PDPLA signposted the right people at the right time.

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