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PDPLA Newsletter - December Issue

PDPLA Newsletter - December Issue

‚ÄćPortsmouth and District
Private Landlords Association

December Newsletter

Dear¬† ‚Äć

 In case anyone wants to give a local landlord a Christmas present, here are our top 3 wishes

1.  Less regulation / more time to do what we do

2. Less bureaucracy  / more trust that what we do is the right thing to do

3. More support for housing the vulnerable, the transient workers we depend on, the students who drive our economy and the health workers on whom we depend

Best wishes at this time of year, however you celebrate, to you and your kin.

Thanks & Regards,

Martin Silman

PDPLA Chair‚Äć

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In Portsmouth city,  where winter winds blow, 

Let's sing a song of praise, with hearts a-glow. 

Residential landlords, in the spirit of cheer, 

For a year of hard work, we applaud with cheer.

In cozy homes, they weave a warm embrace, 

Providing shelter, a comforting space. 

Families nestled, safe and sound, 

In the heart of Portsmouth, joy abounds.

Economy thriving, a local boon, 

Landlords' efforts beneath the winter moon. 

With every tenant, a community grows, 

As prosperity through the city flows.

Houses once worn, now gleam anew, 

Landlords working hard, a dedicated crew. 

Improving stock, with each passing year, 

A gift to the town, spreading festive cheer.

So here's to the landlords, with hearts so kind, 

For the homes they provide, for the ties that bind. 

In Portsmouth's embrace, a Christmas delight, 

A toast to you all, on this winter's night.

Merry Christmas to the landlords fair, 

Whose generosity fills the crisp winter air. 

In Portsmouth's glow, under starry skies, 

Cheers to you, with gratitude in our eyes.

Well - at least ChatGPT understands our value even if no one else does. Merry Christmas everyone!



PDPLA Fire Safety for Landlords

Thu 09 Nov '23 : 10:00

Course organised by the PDPLA and presented by an NRLA trainer -  full details here:

LUNCH IS INCLUDED - as is tea and coffee through the day.  Cost £100

This course is worth 5 NRLA Accreditation CPD points BUT it is not assessed and is not one of their core accreditation courses - so attending this course alone is not sufficient to become accredited with the NRLA

To book:  

Christmas Social

Mon 11 Dec '23 : 19:30

This month our usual Christmas social event for PDPLA members and invited guests - do come if you can. Christmas attire welcome....

Landlords Breakfast

Wed 13 Dec '23 : 10:00

Join us at our Landlords Christmas brunch - whether you can only pop in for 5 minutes or want to stay for the whole morning, you will be most welcome. Come and complain about PCC's anti-landlord behaviour or forget it all and have a nice Christmassy chat, the choice is yours. There will be food, there will be coffee, there might even be snow. See you there (Christmas attire preferred)


Portsmouth Landlord Applies For HMO Licence In Less Than 1 Hour!

You would think it was not news ‚Äď but we have been arguing for 3 months since the new licensing application software was introduced that it is badly written, hard to use and asks for too much information. We have members who have spent 2 weeks trying to get a single application completed. The PCC response has been to largely ignore us and tell us it only takes an hour and then it is done ‚Äď even when members take all the necessary documentation in and sit and watch while PCC staff perform the task it takes them 2 hours per property.

Well, we need to apologise ‚Äď after 3 months training and extensive practice, one of our members completed their final application in just 59 minutes and 44 seconds.¬†

Read more

Propertymark Helps Launch Fairer Renting Group

Portsmouth landlords have been represented at a newly launched Housing Coalition at Westminster. The group aims to bring together landlord, letting agent and tenant organisations among others to ensure a smooth transition after the Renters Reform Bill is implemented. The Housing Coalition held its first meeting at Propertymark's headquarters in London in November 2023 to launch the group in person following several online meetings.  

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Property Insurance Price Jumps

We are seeing alarming premium increases of around 17 or 18% from Boswells. This appears to be in line with or lower than other providers and is being applied equally to our homes and rental properties. 'Consumer intelligence' data says "Quoted home insurance prices surge a record 25.7% in a year". The increase in the year to July 2023 in the South East was 28.4%.

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PDPLA Launches Commons Petition for Specialist Housing Court

The Renters reform bill is now nearing the end of its second reading and will then go to the House of Lords for detailed revision, where there is still time to seek an amendment for a specialist housing court. To find out why this is a good idea follow Alwin's articles on his "substack" (posh blog) account below, but as a spoiler we are asking you to sign a petition, share and write to your MP.

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Right to Rent Landlords' Code of Practice

It is funny, they call it a 'Code of Practice'  but it is actually a newly published draft of the list of things a landlord must do to avoid a civil penalty and a list of exemptions that let everyone else off the hook. 

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And In Other News - December 2023

How Buy To Let Bled To Death 

House Prices Down 12% in Real Terms

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When is a 257 not a 257?

One of the joys of holiday letting has been sloping off away from rules and regulations for a while, as the net tightens in the holiday let sphere (see last month's chat) housing regulators are struggling to let go. Unfortunately for us many of Southsea's holiday lets fall within 257HMO buildings.

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