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The Anonymous Agent

They're not angry!

The views of a local Portsmouth Letting Agent responsible for a large and varied portfolio of properties around Portsmouth and the surrounding area who wishes to remain anonymous.

It must be election time

All I can say is that I am glad I manage very few HMOs having had occasion to watch one of this months planning meetings online. 

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Some Thoughts On Fire Risk

Many of my landlords worry about whether they meet the ever changing fire regulations so I thought this month I'd drop a few thoughts of guidance in the area. 

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GDPR - Such a wonderful thing

I have had several landlords asking about the PCC HMO Licence Conditions which will force them to share details such as credit referencing information which does not seem to be an appropriate thing to ask for and may breach the landlords GDPR obligations.  If it helps, some comments from the ICO and my thoughts on what I do when the police ask for similar information.

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