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I help a variety of LA's as well as people in BEIS, CCC, NESTA, Energy Systems Catapult, Carbon Trust, Energy Savings Trust, BBC, et al understand heating. I help people understand that "heat pump" is a generic term for anything moving heat with vapour compression - meaning heat pump technology is everywhere: the costa coffee machine at the garage, a slush puppy machine, the vending machine at the gym, cinemas, offices, the supermarket shelves, cars etc

I also help people understand most homes only need 8kW (8000 joules of heat per second) when it is a cold -3 outside. This means they only need 3.6 kW to keep indoors at 21 degrees when it is 10 degrees outside. It's the flow temp to your radiators which is important and this temp should not be fixed but modulate. I host 'BetaTalk' a podcast considered as the most important energy podcast in the UK by the special advisor to previous Secretaries of State for Energy and Climate Change Amber Rudd and Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Greg Clark

The podcast won the British Renewable Energy Awards 2020 communication category “which recognises an organisation who has done most to enhance awareness or championed positive change for renewables or clean technology with key opinion formers: parliament, government or the public”

House Parties Reduce Your Fuel Bill

Our guest author this month, Nathan Gambling the renowned renewable energy specialist, explains how an out of control teenage party in his youth is how modern boilers need to work - and you probably brought the wrong one when you last changed one. 

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