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Jonie is a landlord and long-time PDPLA committee member.

Portsmouth Killed Landlord Business

Portsmouth City Council will no doubt be ecstatic to hear that, having been a student HMO landlord for 20 years (I was one of the first people to join the now defunct PCC Accreditation Scheme) their current policies have killed my business off completely, combined with the increase of mortgage rates, and I am down to my last couple of houses which will also be going on the market. I have also been on StudentPad for all those years who inspected and passed my houses, as did PCC Housing Department when it was run by Bruce Lomax - showing that until recently my properties met all of the standards set by both PCC and the University.

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Donation To Catch 22 On Behalf Of Members

We have made a donation of £250 to the charity, Catch 22 in memory of former PDPLA chair, Julian Clokie who passed away recently. 

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