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How To Fix Planning

A guest article from our friend and planning expert, Jonathan McDermott on why planning processes across the country are so slow and what needs to be done. 

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What Have We Learnt In 2020?

We are hoping to have Jonathan McDermott from TPX at our next meeting but we are still working the details. Whether we manage to get him or not, we thought you would like to see his summary of the year, taken from his Facebook post... 

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Guest Blog - Jonathan McDermot, TPX - How To Make Money With Property

So it's a rainy Sunday morning in Gosport and I have been reflecting upon the current state of the property education sector here in the UK. Like everyone else my Facebook and other social feed's are flooded with offers of free seminars, no money down deals, promises of a 7 figure salary or business, health, wealth and happiness!  

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