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2020 Annual General Meeting

Our 2020 AGM will be held using Zoom
Monday, 14 September - starts at 7.30pm

To join, click this link at the appropriate time:

Meeting Notice

This page contains all of the materials required for the meeting – our objective this year, apart from meeting our legal obligations is to confirm that committee members continue to have the support of members and also, to update the basic rules under which we operate to remove some historic references (for example we no longer have membership cards), to recognise that not all meetings need to be in person, so we need (with the members agreement) to allow electronic voting and also, to correct some details that no longer apply or which need to be altered to reflect how we currently operate.

All members will receive written notification of the meeting, with a reference to this page – our aim being to avoid significant costs printing all of these materials as well as the letter you have been sent. In future, if members agree, we will not need to send postal communications at all which will avoid significant costs in the future.