Local Labour Groups Propose Licensing and Registration
In a pre-election newsletter to Portsmouth residents, local labour campaigners talk of introducing landlord registration for all, more HMO licencing, training for landlords, codes of conduct and liaison officers to manage us - among other proposals. Read on to see how we responded....
Are you a Freeholder, a leaseholder or a commonholder?
People have had the option to buy homes in England and Wales via a commonhold structure since 2004, but since then only 20 developments have been created. By contrast, there are 4.2 million properties owned as leaseholds in England alone. Why is that when the…
Thursday, 28 February 2019 19:40

Landlord Tip Of The Month - March

Landlord Tip Of The Month - March
It is the last month of the tax year - so now is the time to make sure you have all of your 2018/19 income and expenditure as it needs to be.   The number of landlords found to have underpaid or under-declared tax on rental…
e-signature versus digital signature - not all gobbledegook after all
At our meeting this month, our very own Alwin Oliver explained and demonstrated the immense savings of time, effort, paper, printing and postage that can be obtained if we use electronic signatures. But do you understand the difference between e-signature and 'digital signature' - it…
Communicating With Tenants - Do You Have Legal BackUp?
At our members meeting in February, we had much discussion about how best to communicate with tenants – it is obvious that while email is tried and trusted, many younger tenants don’t ‘do’ email very often and it is much better to use SMS text…
Thursday, 28 February 2019 14:25

March Newsletter

March Newsletter
We are getting mixed messages from Portsmouth councillors and council staff. On the one hand we are being asked to help reduce homelessness and to provide more accommodation for those most in need whereas on the other, good landlords are wasting their time arguing against…
Thursday, 28 February 2019 11:46

Should You Move Your Kitchen Upstairs?

Should You Move Your Kitchen Upstairs?
In another example that Portsmouth's housing standard documentation is not fit for purpose, one of our members this month pointed out that the way they are currently written, no 3 storey HMO's are allowed in the city except those with kitchens on the middle floor...
Thursday, 28 February 2019 10:03

Portsmouth Planning Fails

Portsmouth Planning Fails
Developments in Portsmouth are policed by national planning regulations and local laws and guidelines, managed by the planning department at the council and overseen by a group of elected councillors known as the Planning Committee. That all sounds logical, organised and sensible doesn’t it… So…
ROBBED of a room? Update on HMO appeals to First Tier Tribunal
Last month we reported the case of members whose Portsmouth properties had been ROBBED (Reduced Occupancy By Basic Desktop Evaluation) when they applied for their HMO licences. See the original article here The PDPLA are supporting 6 appeals and these have each received their ‘Directions’…
Monday, 04 February 2019 09:35

February Newsletter

February Newsletter
A slightly different format to our news this month, no blog as Charlotte is skiing, no Landlord Tips (please send yours) and no Other News but what we do have are some meaty items for you, whatever your market focus as a landlord. We have…
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