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PDPLA Members New B&Q Tradepoint Deal

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PDPLA Members New B&Q Tradepoint Deal

It seems only a month ago that we advised members to cut up their B&Q Tradepoint cards as the discounts were no longer worth having (actually, it was 2 months ago. Last month we reported on another association boycotting B&Q because of their support for Shelter - see an update on that elsewhere in this newsletter). Well, it appears they listened and the new deal offers 5% on everything (small print applies!) and 10% if you spend £500 during a period (current period runs until end of March).

Read on for more details....

New Tradepoint Flyer For PDPLA Members

So, the deal is confirmed - the 10% threshold may be temporary so watch this space.

Our contact at B&Q said, "If for any reason a card does not work I need the card number so I can investigate as we have had a few where the customers opened them in stores rather than through the organisation
But apart from that all cards are now set at an automatic 5% discount from today and if they spend £500 it will increase to 10% for the remainder of that month and following month as a minimum.
As I stated this trial is for 6 months with the vision of having a permanent decent offer for the future for your members."

If you have lost or never received a card let us have your address which we will have to pass to B&Q and they will sent the card direct. Tell us if this is a replacement so they can use your old number.


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