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Site Tip - Username and Password Recovery

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Site Tip - Username and Password Recovery

If you don't know or have forgotten you username and/or password the following information should help you to regain access to the member-only areas of the website.

Visit the homepage of this website. At the top of the page to the right of both the [Username] and the [Password] boxes, you'll see a [(?)]. If you click on the [(?)] which you wish to recover you will be asked for your email address. Enter your email address, and providing it matches the email address we have on record for you you'll be sent instructions to help you recover/reset your login details. If you don't receive the email don't forget to check your spam folder in case it's been mistakenly identified as spam email!

PDPLA login forgot

Old member accounts (before April 2015)

You can use the process described above but the following may also work for you. If you have rarely or never logged in and your account was created for you (for memberships before April 2015) your username and password are likely to be:
Username: 1st 3 letters of your surname in capitals followed by your 3 digit membership number (insert leading zeroes as required)
Password: 1st 3 letters of your surname in capitals followed by your membership number(insert leading zeroes as required)

So Bob Smith who is member number 17 would use SMI017.

Once you log in you can change the password to something more memorable if required.

Still can't log in?

If none of the above work for you please email the Membership Secretary for assistance (

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