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PDPLA Landlords Breakfast

Wednesday 08 May 2019 09:00am - 10:00am
This repeat is an exception to the normal repeat pattern

Join us at our monthly Landlords Breakfast at Watkins & Faux (Southsea Tennis Club Pavilion, opposite the D-Day Museum and Blue Reef Aquarium). Whether you just want a nice cup of coffee with like minded people or you have a specific problem with local regulations, a tenant issue or a quandary on whether to buy a particular property or not, do drop in - you will be most welcome, we cannot guarantee to solve all of your problems but we always try to help and it is rare that your problem is unique or has not been experienced by one of our other members.

Location : Watkins & Faux, Southsea Tennis Pavilion, The Seafront, Southsea


Previous Topics and Speakers


April 11th 2016 AGM, insurance update from Boswells, Alwins Virtual Easter Eggs
March 14th 2016 The Accreditation Debate
February 8th 2016 Damp, Mould & Condensation
January 11th 2016 Right to Rent, update on legal issues for leasehold landlords


December 14th 2015 Christmas Social Evening
November 9th 2015 How to proceed once you have a tenant, inspections during the tenancy, end of a tenancy, your rights and those of your tenants.
October 12th 2015 Info to follow
September 14th 2015 Churchers Bolitho Way discussed new regulations, S21 and new contracts, what a letting agent can and cannot do & more. Discussion on parking, our new show stand, regulations on legionella, smoke, CO alarms.
July 13th 2015 PCC talking about Legionaires Assessments, HMO Licensing and the LAS
June 8th 2015 Anti-Social behaviour with speakers from PCC, the police, the University, a community warden and Portsmouth Assessment Service
May 11th 2015 Info to follow
April 13th 2015 AGM followed by discussion: Accreditation - Why Bother?
March 9th 2015 Fire & Insurance
February 9th 2015 Jonathan McDermott from The Town Planning Experts, Nick from LNPG and Mark Smith holding a network session on rent arrears
January 12th 2015 PCC Housing Options Access Scheme for Landlords taking Housing Benefit tenants


November 10th 2014Wills, Inheritance Tax and Trusts etc.
October 13th 2014Avoiding Loan sharks + B & Q Trade Point
September 8th 2014Bruce Lomax PCC   Housing Standards, Licensing
July 14th 2014Debt Collection & Repossession  High Court Sheriffs
June 9th 2014Envirovent Damp and condensation problems + Churchers solicitors with updates on landlord and tenant law
May 12th 2014Deposit Protection Scheme My Deposits
April 14th 2014AGM + Bentley Furniture Recycling
March 12th 20143rd Landlord and Property Show
February 10th 2014Green Issues and Reducing your utility bills.
January 13th 2014Carol McFaddon on Mortgages and Wealth Management on inheritance, tax, trusts, get out options, planning


December 9th 2013Christmas Social Evening
November 4th 2013Richard Hopgood Larcomes Solicitors on tenancy agreements & deposits etc.
October 14th 2013Fire Alarms
September 9th 2013Landlord Referencing and Gutter cleaning 
July 8th 2013 Bruce Lomax HMO Licensing 
June 10th 2013Ed Woodhouse from PCC Council Tax changes + Landlords national Property Group Nick & Paul Hilliard on bulk buying to obtain discounts for Landlords
May 13th 2013Nick Parry Electrical & Andrew Morrison PCC Tenant rubbish issues
April 8th 2013Elaine Bastable Housing benefit + Terry Mason from Glyde Utility supplier
March 11th 2013AGM + Alan Boswell Insurance
February 11th 2013Kate Kennard from PCC : Tackling poverty and Welfare refom & Universal Credit
January 14th 2013Bruce Lomax PCC Housing Standards manager Green Deal 


January 14th 2013Bruce Lomax PCC Housing Standards manager Green Deal 
December 10th 2012Christmas party
November 12th 2012Pest Control + Bruce Lomax from PCC on additional licensing.
October 8th 2012Larcomes solicitors Tenancy agreements and Notice to quit etc.
September 10th 2012Green Deal with Jewsons
July 9th 2012Colin Lord, Valuation Office Agency
June 11th 2012Bruce Lomax PCC Housing Standards manager 
May 14th 2012 Paul Shamplini Landlord Action + Bret Gavin  PCC Accreditation scheme
April 16th 2012Alan Boswell Insurance & Sandra Griffiths Portsmouth University
March 12th 2012AGM + Update on C4 Planning use & C3 dual use
February 13th 2012  Gordon Tate Independent Financial Adviser Mortgages, Sips & Pensions etc.
January 9th 2012 Bruce Lomax Housing Standards Manager Housing Standards activity. New low cost loans & grants for property improvements. The Green Deal.


September 12th 2011 Larcomes Solicitors
July 11th 2011 Mike Allgrove, Assistant Head of Planning Services
June 13th 2011 Bret gavin PCC Landlord Acreditation Scheme
May 9th 2011Sandra Neil PCC Landlord support officer + Mike Dunn, Timberwise Surveyer, Condensation and mould in buildings "causes, diagnosis and remedies"
April 11th 2011Valuation Office and PCC Pest control
March 14th 2011AGM + Buildings Insurance
February 21st 2011 Housing Options
January 10th 2011 John Saulet Solicitor


November 2010ANDY BEESON from NICEIC Electrical safety inspections, testing  and certificates
October 2010Bret Gavin and possibly Bruce Lomax and update on the Accreditation Scheme.
September 2010Inheritence Tax and setting up Trusts
July 2010Bruce Lomax on HHSRS .
June 2010Bruce Lomax HHSRS and Will Rushton Hampshire Fire and Rescue
May 2010Haydn Payne Hampshire Police & Simon Roberts
April 2010Housing Options,

Dates of next 3 Monthly Meetings

These are MEETING dates and don't include social events or Landlord Show dates...

Mon Jul 08, 2019 @ 7:30PM - 09:00PM
PDPLA Monthly Meeting
Mon Sep 09, 2019 @ 7:30PM - 09:00PM
PDPLA Monthly Meeting
Mon Oct 14, 2019 @ 7:30PM - 09:00PM
PDPLA Monthly Meeting

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