Welcome to the Portsmouth & District Private Landlords’ Association

The PDPLA is an association of local landlords which aims to represent, educate and inform its members. We meet monthly to learn and share information important to local landlords and we represent our members needs and their concerns to local and national government. There are approximately 4,000 private landlords in Portsmouth and this doubles when you add in the surrounding area – this is a large group of people, yet historically we are an easy target for the press, for regulation and for taxation. We cannot promise to change that, but together, we can try.

Martin Silman,
Chairman, PDPLA

PDPLA offers its members...

  • Monthly Meetings.
  • Guest Specialist Speakers.
  • Network with Fellow Landlords.
  • Support from Experienced Landlords.
  • Monthly Newsletters.
  • Up-to-date Information.
  • Quality Letting Documents.
  • Quality Letting Guides & Resources.


  • Ask Email Questions to all Members.
  • Discounted Landlord Insurance.
  • Free Tax Investigation Insurance.
  • Professional Contacts.
  • Members Working for Your Interests.
  • Recommended Traders.
  • Trader’s Discounts.
  • Landlord ‘Buddies’ Scheme.

Please note that in 2017 we became affiliated with the RLA, bringing greater benefits and value to both memberships as well as the organisations.

In order to join both PDPLA and RLA please visit the RLA website.

Should you require further assistance or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


PDPLA Latest News...

  • Local Labour Groups Propose Licensing and Registration
    Local Labour Groups Propose Licensing and Registration

    In a pre-election newsletter to Portsmouth residents, local labour campaigners talk of introducing landlord registration for all, more HMO licencing, training for landlords, codes of conduct and liaison officers to manage us - among other proposals.

    Read on to see how we responded....

  • Are you a Freeholder, a leaseholder or a commonholder?
    Are you a Freeholder, a leaseholder or a commonholder?

    People have had the option to buy homes in England and Wales via a commonhold structure since 2004, but since then only 20 developments have been created. By contrast, there are 4.2 million properties owned as leaseholds in England alone. Why is that when the benefits of leasehold are so few and the pain experienced so frequent?

    The commonhold property structure allows the purchaser of a property to own a freehold ‘unit’, usually a flat within a block, without any kind of time limit on that ownership (as opposed to leasehold properties, which are leased for a set period of time from the freeholder). Owners of a commonhold flat then become members of a management company, similar to a residents association, that looks after the shared areas and buildings in the way that a freeholder traditionally would.

  • Should You Move Your Kitchen Upstairs?
    Should You Move Your Kitchen Upstairs?

    In another example that Portsmouth's housing standard documentation is not fit for purpose, one of our members this month pointed out that the way they are currently written, no 3 storey HMO's are allowed in the city except those with kitchens on the middle floor...

  • Portsmouth Planning Fails
    Portsmouth Planning Fails

    Developments in Portsmouth are policed by national planning regulations and local laws and guidelines, managed by the planning department at the council and overseen by a group of elected councillors known as the Planning Committee. That all sounds logical, organised and sensible doesn’t it…

    So why does the Planning Committee keep making decisions which are contrary to their own rules and as a result, then have those decisions overturned by the Planning Inspectorate? We reported this issue back in 2017 (more here) yet they have continued blindly trying to misapply their own rules.  If the rules (Supplementary Planning Documents) are to stand up to appeals then decisions need to be evidence based, not based on the prejudices of residents and/or Councillors desire to be re-elected.

    Last month, the Planning Committee were told of 5 more cases that had been appealed and in which their decisions had been overturned – they themselves complain about the cost of this to the taxpayer, we would argue their behaviour in trying to misuse the process in this way costs the taxpayer and the applicants in each case far more than they estimate when you take in the time spent by officers preparing for the original review, the appeal, etc.

    The bad news is that the Planning Committee is now asking PRED (a different councillor group focussed on Regeneration and Economic Development) to rewrite some of the rules so they can force through some of the restrictions that they have consistently failed to be able to do over the past 5 years.

    Worse than that though, is that all of these actions are increasing homelessness in the city. Read on for our explanation of why this is true which we sent to every member of the Planning Committee

More PDPLA News Articles...

Monthly Meetings and Other Events

2nd Monday of every month (except August) at the Inn Lodge Hotel, Burrfields Road, Portsmouth PO3 5HH (free parking)
Networking with other Landlords from 7.00pm
Meetings Start at 7.30pm

Each month we will have a number of guest speakers From different fields of the letting industry.
They will give valuable up-to-date information and are available to answer your questions.

  • 08 Apr 2019
    PDPLA Monthly Meeting 07:30pm to 09:00pm

    An update on the new Tenants Fees Ban and what it means for the ordinary landlord plus we have Steve

  • 10 Apr 2019
    PDPLA Landlords Breakfast 09:00am to 10:00am

    Join us at our monthly Landlords Breakfast at Watkins & Faux (Southsea Tennis Club Pavilion, opposite

  • 08 May 2019
    PDPLA Landlords Breakfast 09:00am to 10:00am

    Join us at our monthly Landlords Breakfast at Watkins & Faux (Southsea Tennis Club Pavilion, opposite

  • 13 May 2019
    PDPLA Monthly Meeting 07:30pm to 09:00pm

    Tenant deposits - do you take them and what do you do with them. Do you have problems?  Also a interactive

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